Facilitating community-based solutions for food security &
restoration of the Earth

I help your community develop effective solutions by

  • Tapping into the  knowledge and know-how of local experts
  • Facilitating the collection & sharing of community knowledge
  • Integrating local knowledge with scientific knowledge
  • Increasing trust, buy-in & participation by making knowledge transparent,
    improvable & contextually smart

What Leaders Say About Their Work with Barbara Bowen

“Your process for eliciting staff expertise and the knowledge model you created provide us with a method and tool to prioritize training, responses to citizen complaints and planning. The whole department now has a common language.”
Jean Baldwin, RN, MPH, Director, Jefferson Public Health

“The participants were engaged today by the way you communicated the importance of their contributions to the refining of the map…the map will help all of us hold the ‘big picture’ in our heads as we deal with the minute details of executing our plans.”
Jeanne Harmon, former Executive Director, Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession

“You helped me discover pieces of wisdom I didn’t know I had.”
Sonja Carson, President, Berkana Int’l.

Take a step forward to enhn your capacity as complex problems.
Call me for a complimentary 20-minute consultation. I’ll help you clarify –
What question will clarify the knowledge my team needs to understand
the context so that we can facilitate an effective solution?

Barbara L. Bowen, PhD, MFA
Consultant & Facilitator